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    10 year's industry experience

  • Rapid & flexible

    4 hours’ response time

  • Reliable & stable

    Less than 5 ‰ RMA rates

  • Annual growth

    Up to 23.96% annual rate

Our Customization

  • Preparatory

    Project assessment

    Schedule and arrangement

    Discussion and summary

  • Prototype

    Specs and solution confirm

    Drawing and design confirm

    ODM Sample processing

  • Validation

    Sample design validation

    Sample specification validation

    Application & project validation

  • Summary

    Sample design summary

    Sample to mass conclusion

    Whole process report


  • Machine vision

  • SMART manufacturing

  • HMI & machinery

  • Outdoor application

We are team TAICENN

TAICENN Team has a great experience and patience on targeted projects, because we know how to provide a support, how to fulfill and satisfy a new project, how to serve long-term demands and how to decrease the cost & risk to our customers. Furthermore, all customers’ solutions are project-driven, and operated by experienced, high efficient & innovative staff.

TAICENN aim to be the best solution provider & manufacturer brand from China mainland.

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