TAICENN Introduction

TAICENN, is a leading global provider of industrial panel PC, industrial display and industrial& embedded PC products, which are designed specifically for systems and applications that require excellent performance, high-level reliability and stability, long supply period and supports.

Founded in Shenzhen, TAICENN Technology is developing very rapidly with our experienced staff who has been involved in industrial & embedded market for more than 10~20 years. TAICENN focuses on the design, manufacturing and marketing of innovative industrial panel PC, industrial display and industrial & embedded PC solutions that have enabled TAICENN to respond to our customers' rapidly changing product and service needs.

With a dedication to technology innovation, TAICENN provides our customers qualified products and timely technical support, that the clients can safely deploy with ease and confidence, increasing their ability to bring products to market quickly, and decreasing the maintenance costs without any business risk.

Brand Story

  • TAICENN TECHNOLOGY, dedicats to be a characteristic global brand of industrial & embedded product and service. Its core value dedicates our customer to choose our 'Simpler and more secure' cooperation concepts.
  • TAICENN is young, but nobody is willing to fall behind in the market. All our key staff are involved in industrial & embedded, or even military fields for 10~20 years. We focus on our positioning, our team cooperate and bear the responsibility together, we freely contribute and celebrate milestones. We are extra hungry for the success.
  • The 'Simpler' concept, leads TAICENN to exceed customers' expectation, enable our customers confidently to introduce TAICENN reputation and value, and to breakthrough industrial & embedded market with more secure.
  • 'The More Secure' concept, leads TAICENN to provide an opportunity together with customers without any risk, enable to decrease the maintenance and service expense, and to serve the local systems and applications simplerly.
  • We will do what we have choosen.

Product Fields

  1. Industrial Automation: process control, data acquisition control, machine vision, industrial robots, human-machine interface(HMI);
  2. Power Automation: power communications gateways, substation monitoring and control, fault recording system, cable temperature monitoring, excitation control system;
  3. Machinery manufacturing: CNC machine tools, flame cutting machines, spark machine, laser marking machine, CNC engraving machine;
  4. Intelligent Transportation: Vehicle identification, electronic police, illegal capture, highway toll systems, overloading weighing system;
  5. Metro: control gates, ticket vending machines, fire alarm systems, integrated monitoring system, platform screen door security system;
  6. Defense industry: Radar / sonar, communications control, guidance control systems, fire control systems
    Medical equipment: color B ultrasound, ECG, CT machine, medical monitoring systems, energy-ray equipment;
  7. Environmental protection and new energy: sewage treatment, water quality monitoring, atmospheric monitoring and control of wind power, geothermal power lines.