Industrial Pc Fanless

industrial pc fanless with PCIe/PCI expansion

● Available with Intel 6th or 7th Celeron, Core i3/i5 processors;
● 1*DDR, max. up to 16GB;
● I/O: 2* Display ports (1*HDMI +1*VGA), 4*COM, 4*USB (4*USB3.0);
● Support PCIe x4 or PCI expansion;
● 2* MiniPCIe expansion, wide-voltage DC 12~28V power input.

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ABOX-E81 Overview

TAICENN industrial pc fanless ABOX-E81 is a derivation model from ABOX-E8. Same as ABOX-E8 model, it is developed based on Intel 6th or 7th Skylake-U or Kabylake-U and Celeron low-power platform. It adds CPU modular design, I/O modular design, mold design, wide pressure and I/O protection design to ensure high quality of equipment while reducing Equipment size, and improved equipment performance and I / O scalability to meet the needs of the fast fieldbus industry such as industrial 4.0 control, robotics, intelligent transportation, machine vision.

The industrial pc fanless ABOX-E81 series also design with 2x miniPCIe slot, which can expand lots of industrial modules, such as wireless modules and other I/O modules. The ABOX-E81 model remove the MXM expansion slot, and change into PCIe/PCI expansion slot. So this industrial pc fanless system have some ability to expand some industrial card which support PCIe x4 or PCI ports.

Ordering Information:


Intel Celeron 3855U/1*HDMI/1*DP/2*RJ45/6*USB/2*RS232/DC 12~28V/Mic In/Line-Out


Intel Skylake i3-6100/1*HDMI/1*DP/2*RJ45/6*USB/2*RS232/DC 12~28V/Mic In/Line-Out


Intel Skylake i5-6200/1*HDMI/1*DP/2*RJ45/6*USB/2*RS232/DC 12~28V/Mic In/Line-Out


Intel Kaby lake i3-7100/1*HDMI/1*DP/2*RJ45/6*USB/2*RS232/DC 12~28V/Mic In/Line-Out


Intel Kaby lake i5-7200/1*HDMI/1*DP/2*RJ45/6*USB/2*RS232/DC 12~28V/Mic In/Line-Out


DDR3L 4G/8G/16G


SSD: 32GB/64GB/128GB/256GB/512GB/1TB

HDD: 500GB/1TB

Wireless module

Wifi: 802.11b/g/n Mini PCIe 150M

3G/4G: All network 4G module


FAQ: What is PCIe x4?

The length of the PCIe x4 slot is 39mm, which is also based on the PCIe x16 slot. It is implemented by reducing the data pins. It is mainly used for PCIe SSD solid state drives or PCIe transfer. Card installed M.2 SSD solid state drive.

The PCIe x4 slot is usually extended by the motherboard chip. However, with the increase of the number of PCIe channels inside the cpu, some high-end motherboards can now provide a PCI-E x4 slot with a directly connected CPU for PCIe SSD solid state drive.

Why can't we find the PCIe x4 slot on the motherboard? In fact, it appears in the form of an M.2 interface.

However, like the PCIe x8 slot, the PCIe x4 slot is now in the form of a PCIe x16 slot, or is extended to an M.2 interface for installing M.2 SSD. M.2 wireless network card or other M.2 interface device, the remaining expansion cards are reserved for the PCIe x1 slot.

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