TAICENN industrial PC and solutions

TAICENN industrial PC and solutions The tendency of industry 4.0 is to lead digitization and intelligent of information (supply, manufacturing, sales), and reach rapidly, effectively and personalized product supply at last. With the development of modem manufacturing industry, more and more enterprises are importing automatic production line, and this advantage is obvious and outstanding now. … Read more

TAICENN ODM Touch Panel PC used in Hotel Service Robot Application

Project Name: Industrial P-Cap. Touch Panel PC for Hotel Service Robot applications Customer ID:  C156 (China)   Project Introduction and request: A latest report from IFR (International Federation of Robotics) shows, the market capitalization of service robot is developing with 20~30% ratio. In 2017, china will be the biggest global service robot market. From a … Read more

TAICENN touch monitor and panel pc used in Vending Machine (VEM)

Vending machine is a type of machine which can delivery merchandise immediately after buyer’s payment. It’s one common automatic machine in commerce automation, and has no limit on time, place and person. It’s a new retail business model, and is called as ‘24 hours micro market’. At the moment, more and more merchandises are sold … Read more

The development tendency of Touch Panel IPC

Currently, Industrial touch panel IPC are widely used in factory automation, facility automation, medical, retail, transportation…etc. So, what’s the development tendency of industrial touch panel IPC?  More Beautiful, slighter and more practical Firstly, for the appearance, more beautiful, slighter and more practical will be a tendency of future industrial touch panel PC. For example, with … Read more