TAICENN Industrial Computer& Monitor for Building Automation, conform to the development tendency of SMART city

With the continuous development of human society, more and more people will be crowed in future city. In order to solve the urban problems and realize the sustainable development, the construction of SMART city has become an irreversible historical tendency of the development of world. The construction of building automation needs the support of high … Read more

In 2025, Industrial Monitor market will be up to 7.26 billion USD

From a survey and report from a famous research company, the industrial monitor market will be up to 7.26 billion USD in 2025 year, the annual rate of growth will be 6%. Industrial monitor and display products have been used more and more, to help to simply the operation task, monitor production procedure, and other … Read more

TBOX-36X0 makes machine vision simpler and more reliable

In industrial manufacturing, quality control has been very important to product quality level. In the past, before the SMART machine vision technology, quality deeply reply on manual inspection. However, the different inspection standard caused by subjective factor, operator fatigue after long working hours, decline efficiency lead to quality control unideally.   With TAICENN TBOX-36X0 series … Read more

Need a full IP65, 5xGLAN, 4x USB, High brightness 1000 nits Resistive touch Panel PC?

Background: An old customer is looking for a special Panel PC for his project. It is for Railway & High-speed Rail Ultrasonic Inspection Applications. It is used to monitor the railway crossing status, to assure the safety and security of trains. Together with the technology of IOT (Internet of Things) and Cloud server system, it can fulfill … Read more

Why and how a fanless Box PC?

 In recent years, More and more industrial Box PC have infiltrated into factories, production lines, Machinery equipment, hospitals, automatic scene, and lots of place where we didn’t sense. They silently execute their missions when failure is not an option, to fulfill application goal. They work well and reliably in extreme industrial site conditions. Here’s a … Read more