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Brand Story
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Brand Story

TAICENN parent company is 'APUQI technology stock Co., Limited' company, which is located in Chengdu Sichuang. Established in 2009, APUQI enterprise has been developped very fast and rapidly. 

In 2013, APUQI company was the first industrial PC company to propose 'Modularization' concept, to solve the industry pain spots, providing best technical ans service support to our customers.

In 2015, APUQI company start over NEW OTC stock market plan.

In 2016, APUQI boarded NEW OTC (Over the counter) stock market in china. Stock code: 838166. It was the first industrial PC company boarded stock market in china. And we aim to be the first industrial PC company IPO in chinese stock market.

So in the meantime 2016, we established a new brand 'TAICENN' and new independent company 'TAICENN Technology' , specialy served for international business market. 

In 2016, aim at international market characteristics, TAICENN has built up full series products range and products line, including Embedded Box PC, industrial panel PC and industrial monitor products. From our support experince and knowledge, TAICENN has established our standard support system and standards.

In 2017, TAICENN has been developped very fast, and built up business relationship with customers all over the world, including Germany, France, Italy, Danmark, USA, Switzerland, UK, Netherland...etc.

In 2018, TAICENN full integrated into parent company, and parent company was providing biggest support in products and technical service. TAICENN started to cooperate with local core partner to establish local office and local support.

In 2019 to 2023 (target), TAICENN will establish as more as local office and local support center, in order to greatest provide flexible and rapid business mode.

TAICENN technology aim to be the best industrial & embedded computer brand from china mainland

We will do what we have chosen.

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