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TAICENN released new slim design 10.1'' and 11.6'' P-CAP touch monitor

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TAICENN just release a new slim design, panel mounting, wide-screen, P-cap. touch, 10.1’’ and 11.6’’ industrial monitor. The model is: TM-DPCXXX, specially designed for commercial automation applications.

TAICENN TM-DPCXXX series is new-arrival industrial touch monitor that supports VGA and DVI inputs, front panel made of magnesium alloy with anodizing treatment, supports 12V DC power input, optional wide voltage DC 9~36V power input; touch screen with multi-points (10 points) projective capacitive touch, with high sensitivity, dust and waterproof, anti-oil, with gloves may merit normal operation, touch screen flexibility to choose the COM port, USB port to communicate with the host.
The TM-DPCXXX series front panel compliants NEMA / IP65 waterproof and dust-proof standard, to prevent installation in the control cabinet because of the scene splashing water droplets and water vapor into the host and thus affect equipment operation; high-strength steel box structure, so that it can adapt to the harsh industrial site work environment, the most suitable for factory automation, machinery manufacturing, building automation, CNC equipment, textile equipment, communication networks, power automation and other industrial applications.

TAICENN, is a leading global solution provider of Embedded Box PC, Touch panel PC and industrial monitor, which are designed specifically for systems and applications that require excellent performance, high-level reliability and stability, long supply period and supports.

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