The development tendency of Touch Panel IPC

Currently, Industrial touch panel IPC are widely used in factory automation, facility automation, medical, retail, transportation…etc. So, what’s the development tendency of industrial touch panel IPC? 

More Beautiful, slighter and more practical

Firstly, for the appearance, more beautiful, slighter and more practical will be a tendency of future industrial touch panel PC. For example, with the application development in medical and retail fields, clients will set a color assortment on the machine and usage occasion in their purchasing request. So, the manufacturer has to add some humanized color and pure flat screen, to improve the panel PC appearance. The slighter shape design can save the machine space and help to maintain simply. TAICENN industrial touch panel PC thickness can be less than 50mm. Together, rugged and impact aluminum alloy box construction and fan-less design can assure the reliability and stability of our Touch panel IPC products. 

Intelligent and humanization

For the performance, the processor upgrade also push the improvement of calculation speed and graphic processing speed. With the development of Industry 4.0, varieties of innovative applications are also testing the expansion features of the industrial panel IPC. Abundant I/O ports and excellent expansions have been an effective weapon of future industrial panel IPC. Once the standard products can’t meet users’ demands, the customization service will be needed, so as to reduce the time and expense. TAICENN core advantage is ODM and customization service, we are very flexible to support our customers with a real short response time.

Curve display and 4K resolution

The innovation of the display technology also push the development of Industrial Panel PC. The cutting-edge technology of future display will certainly be used in industrial panel PC products. From the development path of the technology, curve panel will be a real tendency. There are several advantages of below points:

  • Immersive experience. A screen with a little curve can provide a better encircling feeling and deeper viewing experience.
  • Extensive viewing angle. Compared to a same size flat panel monitor, curve display makes people to feel a bigger size and views.

4K resolution is 4096 x 2160 resolution, and it’s 4 times than high definition TV resolution. It’s a kind of super-high definition resolution. Under this 4K resolution, user can see clearly every detail and feature. However, the 4K resolution display develop so fast, the relative industry doesn’t develop accordingly. So, the 4K resolution display is still not popular at the moment. The industrial application to use this 4K resolution will need more time.

Simpler and easy

Simply mounting, easily on-site maintenance, simply remote management and technical support can save lots of manpower, interspace and expense, to assure user’s benefit. And this is a real goal for industrial panel PC manufacturer. TAICENN core value is to make business simpler and more secure. To our Touch Panel IPC products, we also hunting for simpler and easy mounting methods.


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