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Big Data of The Future Manufacturing Industry Under The Background of Industrial... 2023/11/10
Under the background of economic development, scientific and technological progress, and a large number of new technologies are widely used in real production and life, big data has been widely used in production and manufacturing....
Industrial Panel PC VS Normal Industrial Control Machines 2023/10/27
In fact, industrial computers and commercial computers have always been mutually reinforcing and inseparable. They have their own fields of application, but they influence each other and promote each other, reflecting the progress of science and technology....
Thriving Industrial Control Market, Driving Up MCU Chip Demand 2023/10/8
MCU chip is the core component in the field of industrial control, which can realize data collection, processing, transmission and control functions....
How Can Industrial Big Data Drive The Transformation And Upgrade The Manufacturi... 2023/8/24
In recent years, the industrial big data has gradually moved from the concept to the landing stage. The subdivided industrial field with good data base has been using the emerging big data and other technologies to create value....
Two Trillion (RMB) Market - How Industrial Computers Develop To Get A Share of t... 2023/8/8
According to reliable statistics, the global Internet of Things (enterprise) expenditure is expected to reach $1.1 trillion in 2026, of which the Chinese enterprise market will reach $294 billion (about 2 trillion yuan) in 2026, accounting for about 25.7% of the global ...
The full IP65 waterproof feature of an industrial Panel PC 2023/7/4
The Full IP65 waterproof of the industrial panel PC means that the whole industrial computing device has waterproof feature and can work normally in harsh environments such as humidity, dust and oil....
A Labor Shortage in Manufacturing Will Significantly Stimulate The Demand for In... 2023/6/16
With the acceleration of intelligent manufacturing, the future industrial automation rate improvement space is very broad....
What Are The Trends in the Development of Industrial Big Data? 2023/5/12
Industrial big data is an important technical means to promote industrial digital transformation, which requires the integration of...
Make Manufacturing Smarter--How to Apply ChatGPT In Industry? 2023/4/21
In the industry, ChatGPT also has many applications....
The industrial Metaverse Is About To Be "Detonated" 2023/3/31
Welcome To The industrial Metaverse!...
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