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The Industrial Monitor using in Laser Cutting Machine
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Application Introduction

In recent years, laser cutting technology is developing very fast, with 15%~20% ratio of rising every year. Since 1985, Chinese laser cutting technology even develops with 25% per year. In addition, with the development of LoT, Industrial 4.0, Smart factory, factory automation, industrial automation, the laser industry together with others machine manufacturing industry will step into a new stage.

System requests in the application

The system is usually composed of an industrial monitor which is fixed in the control panels or control cabinet, and a host computer for laser cutting. The operator uses the professional software application in the system PC, to control the laser radiate into the objective metal surface, to fulfil the accurately cutting. The system usually requests touch function so that it can be operated conveniently and user-friendly. (Probably, some systems don't request touch function.)

Regarding to the application environment, the machine needs to be suitable for big dust, much scrap iron, and shock & vibration environment. Then the requested industrial monitor should have below features:
   1. Must choose an industrial grade TFT display; enhanced anti-interference and filter function; effectively resists the internal disturb of high-power electronic machine, serve and laser generator; an advanced display effect.
   2. The accurate touch screen has a strong anti-interference capability, can be used well in dust and metal filing environment; The touch screen can be operated and touched with gloves in the worksite. (It depends on actual operation)
   3. The front panel needs to fulfill NEMA IP65 level, to prevent dust, particle dirt and metal filing entering into the monitor;
   4. Simpler mounting method; Customer needs to mount the machine easily and more secure, to save the installation time in the worksite;
   5. All I/O parts need to deploy with fastening plug, to avoid the drop via shock & vibration situation.

Solution & product:
TAICENN TM-PCXXX model industrial monitor is very suitable for laser cutting machine, to fulfill touch and display function; The TM-PCXXX model is available from 10.4-inch to 21.5-inch dimension. It is perfect to meet the cutting software interface and control display interface; The resistive touch screen can communicate with host computer via USB ports;
The TAICENN TM-PCXXX Model is designed with high strength steel box structure and fastening plug, and it has good ruggedness and resistance to shock; The panel-mounting installation method can effectively prevent the dust and metal filing into control cabinet.


  1. 10.4-inch to 21.5-inch TFT LCD;
  2. Front panel, IP 65 rating protection rating, Beautiful high strength metal box structure;
  3. Slim design, to save the system cabinet space;
  4. Solid power supply terminal, supports 12V DC power input, optional 24V power input;
  5. Supports panel mounting and standard VESA installation, flexible selection;

  6. The OSD control button in the back panel, helps user to adjust the best operating status;

  7. 10-points P-cap. touch, optional with glass (No touch).

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