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Two Trillion (RMB) Market - How Industrial Computers Develop To Get A Share of that?
Release Time:2023/8/8 Number Of Clicks:460
According to reliable statistics, the global Internet of Things (enterprise) expenditure is expected to reach $1.1 trillion in 2026, of which the Chinese enterprise market will reach $294 billion (about 2 trillion yuan) in 2026, accounting for about 25.7% of the global totally.

The advent of the industrial Internet era, facing the test of information and intelligence, with the gradual development of industry 4.0, the development of the industry is also toward the diversified forms. As an important part of the industrial field, the industrial control machine in the transformation from automation to intelligent, and equipment aging is the practice of reproduction, which involves the problem of production cost and production rate. Therefore, while accelerating the industrial development, the reform of industrial control machine is particularly important in the future.

At the present stage, the industrial control machine has a single function. And in the function embodiment, it is only used for field data control and collection. However, with the rapid development, the control center such as computer plays a key role in connecting each part. The demand is growing, while also to promote the development of industrial control machine forward.

  • Function upgrade, custom debut:

Many industrial control machine manufacturers, at this stage have found the disadvantages of industrial control machine, in the limitation of single function, have begun to bring forth new plans, to reform and upgrade the functional design.

  • Diverse fields, covering the whole region:

Industrial control machine in the scope of use, still own a lot of space to improve. The production of many products can’t be separated from the control center. Many manufacturers and enterprises tend to serve a small range of objects. Only by expanding the application field can we obtain greater profits.

  • Interconnection, using local materials:

Product promotion and application are inseparable from communication. The production enterprises at the same time, make good use of the Internet platform, to benefit more.

  • Grasp the hot spot, strive to hit:

According to the analysis of market personnel, embedded industrial control machine will become the general direction of development. Embedded industrial control machine is a kind of reinforced enhanced industrial computer. It can be used as an industrial controller in the industrial environment reliable operation.

Based on its reliable performance, fanless structure, small size and easy maintenance, it is increasingly widely used in the industrial control field.

It is understood that the embedded industrial control machine has become a hot spot. One is that some applications own space restrictions. While the 2nd is that the current embedded industrial control machine size and expansion interface design are non-standard products, which usually request customized development. Customized products are more complicated in configuration and less transparent in price as standard industrial control machine products. Thus, more manufacturers advocate this kind of product development.

In the end:

In the future, the market prospect of industrial control machine is broad. From the rapid development of power, finance, transportation, construction and other industries, from digital home digital TV, to bank teller machines, expressway toll system, manufacturing production line control, the scale of finance, government and other industries are all gradually expanding. And only grasping the opportunity of the Times can we go further.

TAICENN Technology is a professional solution supplier in the field of industrial control, who owns a professional R&D team that are able to independently define customized design,  and to provide professional, intelligent, customized design services according to customers’ requirements.
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