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Thriving Industrial Control Market, Driving Up MCU Chip Demand
Release Time:2023/10/8 Number Of Clicks:438
MCU chip is the core component in the field of industrial control, which can realize data collection, processing, transmission and control functions. The downstream applications include automation control, motor control, industrial robots, instrument and instrument applications, etc.

MCU chips are used in many industrial fields, such as stepping motor, robotic arm, instrumentation, industrial motor, etc. Taking industrial robot, the main application scenario of industrial control, as an example, in order to realize the complex movement required by the industrial robot, it is necessary to control the position, direction, speed and torque of the motor with high precision, while MCU can perform the complex and high-speed operation required by the motor control.

In the era of industry 4.0, the industrial control market has broad prospects, boosting the demand for MCU. According to Prismark, the global industrial control market was $231 billion in 2019, and is expected to reach $260 billion by 2023, with a compound annual growth rate of about 3%. It is reported that in 2020, China's industrial control market size reached 232.2 billion yuan, a year-on-year growth of 13.1%. In 2021, the market size will reach 260 billion yuan.

With the steady progress of intelligent manufacturing in China, the scale of MCU continues to improve, bringing a greater market increment. By 2020, the demand scale of industrial control for MCU products will reach 2.6 billion yuan, and it is expected that by 2026, the market scale of industrial control MCU will reach about 3.5 billion yuan.

Typical application scenarios of industrial control:

First:  General frequency converter / servo drive

Universal MCU / DSP can be matched with FPGA, pre-drive and IGBT to achieve servo motor drive and other functions. According to the different requirements of the motor control accuracy, the MCU resource requirements are different. The market size of general frequency conversion was nearly 56 billion yuan, up 7% year by year;

Second:  Servo control system

Universal MCU / DSP can be matched with FPGA to realize the servo control function. The market size of general servo control was nearly 23.3 billion yuan, up 35% year by year;

Third:  PLC

The universal MCU can be applied to a programmable logic controller (PLC) to control the production process. The market size of PLC was nearly 15.8 billion yuan, up 21% year on year;

China's industrial control MCU market volume is 2.6 billion yuan, which is a niche market. During the time of the adjustment of the consumer electronics market, the automotive electronics and medical sectors have become the growth drivers of the MCU market. These three areas are also one of the main positions for major MCU manufacturers in the future.

In the end:

As industrial AI edge computing service provider, Taicenn Technology focus on the industrial AI edge computing field, through the horizontal modular components, vertical customization suite, platform scenario scheme of "a horizontal a vertical platform" product matrix, provide customers with more reliable industrial edge intelligent computing integration solutions, power industry more wisdom!

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