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Industrial Panel PC VS Normal Industrial Control Machines
Release Time:2023/10/27 Number Of Clicks:447

Industrial Panel PC is a kind of industrial machine, its modelling is similar to the ordinary Panel PC, but more durable, compared with ordinary industrial machine, the function of the industrial Panel PC is not too big difference, mainly volume and operation mode is different, by comparison, industrial Panel PC is smaller, human-computer interaction more convenient, mute lower power consumption, less noise, with the diversification of industrial demand, gradually have the trend to replace ordinary industrial machine. 

The IPC is a reinforced and enhanced personal computer that can operate reliably as an industrial controller in an industrial environment. An industrial computer based on the PC bus. Because of its low price, high quality, large output, rich software / hardware resources, it has been familiar with and recognized by the majority of technical personnel, which is the basis of industrial computer heat. Its main components are industrial chassis, passive floor plate and various boards that can be inserted into it, such as CPU card, I / O card, etc. 

As the performance of commercial machines becomes better and better, many industrial sites have begun to use cheaper commercial machines, and the commercial machine market is also undergoing great changes, and people begin to prefer more humanized touch Panel PCs. Therefore, in the industrial field, the Panel PC computer with touch control function will be the future trend, and the industrial touch control Panel PC computer is also a kind of industrial control machine.

Compared with ordinary industrial control computers, industrial touch Panel PCs have the following advantages:

I. The front panel of industrial touch Panel PC computer is mostly die cast with aluminum magnesium alloy, and the front panel reaches NEMA IP65 protection level. Strong, durable, and relatively light in weight.
II. Industrial touch Panel PC computer is the structure of all-in-one machine, host, LCD display, touch screen into one, good stability.
III. Using the more popular touch function, can simplify the work, more convenient and fast, more humanized.
Industrial touch Panel PC computer volume is small, very easy to install and maintain.
IV. Most industrial touch Panel PCs have a fanless design that uses large areas of aluminum fins to dissipate heat, using less power and less noise.
V. Beautiful appearance, widely used.

In fact, industrial computers and commercial computers have always been mutually reinforcing and inseparable. They have their own fields of application, but they influence each other and promote each other, reflecting the progress of science and technology.

What are the differences between industrial Panel PCs and ordinary computers?

Industrial Panel PC computer is a commonly used industrial control machine in the industrial field, also known as touch screen industrial control machine, it is also a kind of computer, but and we often used ordinary computer is very different, the difference between industrial computer and ordinary computer is mainly:

Internal components are different:

Industrial Panel PC computer due to the complex environment, the requirements for internal components, such as stability, anti-interference, waterproof, shock and other functions; ordinary computers are mostly used in the family environment, the pursuit of timeliness, the market positioning to do the standard, internal components only need to meet the general requirements, the stability is certainly not as good as industrial Panel PC computer.

Different application fields:

Industrial Panel PC computers are mostly used in industrial production field, the use environment is relatively bad, must do dust, water, vibration proof, and must have the three prevention level certification; and ordinary computers are mostly used for games and entertainment, using a business environment, no special requirements for three prevention.

The service life is different:

The service life of industrial Panel PC computer is very long, generally up to 5-10 years, and in order to ensure the normal industrial production, usually 24 * 365 can continuously work; the life of ordinary computer is generally about 3-5 years, not for a long time, and considering the replacement of hardware, some will be replaced in 1-2 years.

Different prices:

Industrial Panel PCs of the same level are more expensive than regular computers, which are more demanding and naturally more expensive.

Ordinary computer can meet some industrial needs, but in actual use, on the one hand, ordinary computer components are not so high requirements, cannot work in the harsh industrial environment; even in normal environment, because the ordinary computer cannot support the long time, equipment partition time down; another reason is that the ordinary computer is not as efficient as the professional industrial machine, if the top configuration computer to replace the industrial machine, the cost is too high. 

Therefore, the ordinary computer is unable to replace the industrial PCs, in the absence of conditions, can be in the verification stage, borrow the ordinary computer briefly to replace the industrial PCs, really put into use, or to use back to the professional industrial control equipment.

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