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Big Data of The Future Manufacturing Industry Under The Background of Industrial Intelligence
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 I. Preface

The development level of manufacturing industry is an objective embodiment of a country's economic strength. In recent years, China's manufacturing industry is developing towards the direction of intelligence and automation, and the global intelligent industrial technology network has begun to be applied in many countries, indicating the implementation of the development strategy of "reindustrialization". With the rapid development and wide application of science and technology, the application of big data under the background of industrial intelligence has become an important tool for the transformation and development of the manufacturing industry, and it is an inevitable trend of industrial reform and industrial revolution.

II.  Application value of large data in the background of industrial intelligence

First of all, industrial big data is a combination of massive data from different fields, which is characterized by multiple types, large capacity, high value and rapid update. In the continuous development in recent years, industrial big data has become a new service industry and information technology, which mainly involves the adoption, analysis and storage of industrial data of various enterprises.If information can be shared between intelligent production and the environment system, the equipment can learn by itself, form "self-awareness", achieve higher standards by self-study, and achieve the goal of intelligent control.


Second, under the background of industrial intelligence, artificial intelligence technology and big data technology has been applied in some products, can be integrated and accurate application of enterprise data, the integration, to obtain the industrial materials, mechanical energy pressure, industrial temperature, personnel temperature, vibration and industrial product production industry data, so as to realize the production process and product process of scientific monitoring, realize the enterprise mechanical energy, power consumption and daily power consumption and materials and other fields of data comprehensive research, to ensure the effectiveness of the industry data information.


Finally, the data involved in big data has a large scale, and it is impossible to effectively intercept relevant data by relying on the database software tools in a certain period of time, nor can it integrate and process the data collection in a short period of time. Big data is an important development resource for enterprises. Since the data contains a huge number of information resources, advanced technologies can be applied to share and utilize them, transform them into valuable data resources, and assist enterprises to obtain huge data support in production and operation.Therefore, it is necessary to use data analysis, data integration, data collection and data display to collect the beneficial data for the development of enterprises, so as to lay a data foundation for the decision-making of enterprises.


Under the context of "Internet +", the application of big data technology is increasingly extensive, and the big data industry has greatly promoted the development of industrial economy. In the actual production and operation of an enterprise, with the increase of the number of products and the increase of production tasks, the accumulation of production data of the enterprise is also increasing. If the big data technology can be reasonably utilized, the economic benefits of the enterprise will be improved and the production efficiency will be optimized.

III. Development status of smart factories under the background of big data


At the present stage, China's manufacturing enterprises are facing great pressure, labor shortage, rising labor costs, production overcapacity. Enterprises are interdependent and compete with each other, and the personalized needs of customers are growing continuously, leading to the development of enterprises must apply differentiated competitive means to constantly improve their competitiveness. At present, the level of intelligent technology and information technology is growing, the application of big data to escort the development of intelligent factories, and the relevant policies implemented by the local government and the state, a large number of projects have been developed towards the direction of intelligence.

  • Intelligent engineering:

The current world is not established from the perspective of complete intelligent factory, in the process of establishing intelligent factory, must carry out logistics tracking, automated production, storage, and information collection, the application of storage and automated production of information is closely related to the auxiliary RF module, the Internet of things application core is RF module, it can accommodate the larger information, read speed quickly, and recognition ability is strong, can be multiple high speed moving object recognition at the same time, the environment is relatively small, in the case of product have stains can also be identified, has good security.

  • Intelligent engineering policy environment:

Intelligent manufacturing belongs to the main direction of the development of the current global manufacturing industry. Intelligent manufacturing saves manpower and material resources, and will certainly be the inevitable trend of the transformation of manufacturing factories. China has put forward the hope of encouraging enterprises to continue to learn through continuous efforts, to build intelligent factories with the leading manufacturing industry, and to realize the perfect transformation of enterprises. China has created a favorable policy environment for transformation and introduced a number of measures to ensure the better transformation of manufacturing enterprises. The successful transformation of the manufacturing industry will find out the ways and methods for other enterprises, which has a good reference value. Starting from the current development mode of intelligent factory, in the development of intelligent factory, there are two types, the first is the manufacturing of new mode, the other is the intelligent standard test verification project.

  • Construction of the fault diagnosis system:

With the application of big data technology, the testing personnel can judge the hidden danger of fault according to the testing data and the structural characteristics of mechanical equipment, performance and the special requirements of operation and maintenance, analyze and identify the detected special information, find out the cause of the fault and solve it in time.


IV. Development direction of smart factory

In the process of big data analysis, the technical challenges are relatively large, strong sustainability, high technical requirements and strong real-time technical requirements. This requires large industry must apply big data, integrity and comprehensive operation and management, covering the overall operation comprehensive management efficiency, application service system, the overall integrated application system and comprehensive processing system, etc., must rely on big data support, otherwise not only will lead to low value of repetitive miscellaneous information problems, also can lead to variable information data useless problem.


In the context of big data, intelligent engineering development has significant advantages. The infrastructure and technical products of intelligent factory are the basic elements of construction, and their effective application can promote the improvement of intelligent level. In addition, the support of industrial hardware and integrated development enables the establishment of smart factory, which is a core part of smart factory development. Considering the close connection between hardware and software, the future development trend of smart factory is that the construction of hardware facilities will tend to be standardized and modularized. The future smart factory will improve the level of informatization, platform scale, automation level and precision level, which will make the connection between devices, products and people more efficient. The application of Internet of Things technology and big data cloud platform technology can realize intelligent control of factory equipment, accurately identify the operation of the factory, and help enterprises to establish green, efficient, safe and energy-saving production plants, so as to improve the social benefits and economic strength of the factory.


In the development of intelligent factory, must from a global perspective, the artificial intelligence and the Internet as the core, collaborative industry model common development, constantly promote industrial development level of ascension, on the basis of intelligent factory competition and industrial data background, enterprises must start from the long run, to systematic and platform of big data technology application development, to promote information technology to optimize factory construction background, promote the long-term benefit level in the construction of intelligent factory.


In the development of intelligent factories, it is necessary to have a global vision, take artificial intelligence and the Internet as the core, and coordinate the industrial model development, so as to improve the level of industrial development. According to the competition of smart factories and the background of big data, enterprises should consider the long term and devote themselves to the systematic and platform application of big data technology, so as to optimize the background of factory construction and improve the long-term benefits of smart factories.


In short, the industry has not fully mastered the application and management forms of industrial big data analysis and relevant theoretical knowledge. In order to achieve the goal of large-scale and intelligent industrial product production, it is necessary to further strengthen the big data analysis technology, in order to better serve the major customers and service enterprises. In the background of industrial intelligence, enterprises should make full use of the professional technical services of big data. Through the application of big data, it can analyze and calculate the data in real time, so as to improve the production efficiency of the factory. At the same time, it also helps to reduce human resources and cost input, and improve the production efficiency and production quality of enterprises. In addition, by supplementing the deficiencies in the production process and optimizing the production mode, the development of productivity can be continuously promoted and the economic level can be improved.

V. The end

To sum up, under the background of economic development, scientific and technological progress, and a large number of new technologies are widely used in real production and life, big data has been widely used in production and manufacturing. Relying on big data to provide data support for industrial manufacturing, and contacting the database to achieve the guidance based on big data. In the application of manufacturing system, relying on big data to guide the actual manufacturing, and constantly optimize the big data through the actual manufacturing, so as to promote the improvement of the accuracy and use of manufacturing application.


Under the background of industrialization, the application of big data is the inevitable trend of industrial development, enterprises should fully realize the inevitability and urgency of big data application, the demographic dividend decreasing today, it is necessary to reduce the human cost, promote enterprise production efficiency and production quality, to make up for the defects in the current production, optimize the production form, to continuously promote the development of productivity, promote the promotion of economic level.



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