How to select an industrial panel IPC

How to select a suitable industrial panel IPC?


The demands to use an industrial panel PC are getting bigger and bigger in variety of enterprises. Also, the choice of a industrial panel pc is more and more from all kinds of suppliers in the market. It’s more and more difficult for clients to select a suitable industrial panel IPC, they always wonder what type products are real high-quality and most suitable for their applications. How to select a suitable industrial panel IPC? 

When clients are going to select a suitable industrial panel IPC, they need to consider and discuss from lots of points, including Physical Property, Display Property, Processing performance and Manufacturer services…etc.


Robust and durable, good environmental performance

Industrial panel IPC is mostly used in complex and severe operation environment. It requests good three-proofing features, water-proof, dust-proof, and shock-proof. TAICENN industrial panel IPC provide IP65 rating front panel, and can customize higher rating level by our advanced engineer team. 

Outstanding and realistic, Auto-adjustable light brightness

Usually, under indoor environment, the brightness 250~300 cd/sqm is enough; But if for outdoor applications, the brightness demand will be higher, need 500~1000 cd/sqm. The outdoor light will change with the time in a whole day, TAICENN Industrial Panel IPC TPC-R190 Series can provide light brightness auto-adjustable function.

Another point is Backlit. Current panel IPC is usually use LED technology, to fulfill full-color display. For an application under normal industrial environment and continuous using situation, The Backlit MTBF are usually 30 000 ~50 000 hours. TAICENN Panel IPC TPC-R190 Series uses industrial-grade LED screen, and the Backlit MTBF can up to 80 000 hours. It also provides a real high quality display performance.

Stable performance and various expansion

Industrial panel IPC is a complete solution with IPC + industrial Monitor. Compared to separated IPC or industrial monitor, the advantage is better performance. TAICENN provides compact construction and scientific thermal dissipation design. Besides, we focus on newest CPU technology, to provide better user experience in CPU processing, Graphic performance and lower consumption.

Abundant expansion is another issue for selecting a suitable panel IPC too. To different applications, TAICENN product can provide different options with Mini-PCIe, PCI and PCIe expansion slot. Clients can fulfill the communication between all kinds of devices via these expansion slot.

At the last, when we select an industrial panel PC, even if the standard products have excellent design and performance, but it still can’t meet application system requests. So, a professional manufacturer and service will be very important. TAICENN’s efficient and high-ability ODM/OEM engineer team can customize all kinds of products according to application system requests. Clients can fulfill the application demands from TAICENN service and support.

The above are basic points to select a suitable industrial panel IPC. Customer can find a suitable product and service from TAICENN Technology.

Contact TAICENN Technology please, when you need an industrial panel IPC solution and product.

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