Industrial Monitor for Flight Simulator applications

TAICENN ODM Customized Product Introduction


Project Name:

Industrial Monitor for Flight Simulator applications

Customer ID:  C207 (China)

Project Introduction and request:

Flight Simulator devices adopts advanced high-performance simulator system and software. This system uses virtual reality technology and traditional aerospace simulation technology, integrated with professional certificated FAA, CASA, JAR, DGAC, Transport Canada aeronautical facility, can simulate and operate global famous hundreds of types aircraft, helicopter, UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle), provides simulation environment of flight test and flight virtual.

There are lots of parts for a flight simulator. One of important part is visual system. The visual system is to simulate the pilot’s view of outer cockpit, in order to judge the air-flight posture, position, altitude, speed and weather…etc. The advanced visual system need a very high quality display devices to show the scene. It might be projector, also might be industrial monitor. And we provide industrial monitor to this project.

Project consult and discussion:

After several round negotiation and discussion with our clients, TAICENN decided to ODM design a new solution to fulfill this project. The machine support VESA mounting, need an extra-big size dimension 23.6-inch LCD display. And the system is very simple, with VGA/DVI signal input only.

Customized solution Specs:

1- 23.6 inch Full HD TFT LCD (1920 x 1080), No touch function;

2- Compact, rugged and metal plate box structure;

3- VESA Mounting;

4- VGA/DVI, Multi-signal input;

5- Power, indicator, and OSD adjustable button backside;

6- DC 12V input (Standard with 12V/3.3V adapter)

TAICENN Mode: IM-D236-207

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