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How to maintain the touch screen of an industrial panel pc?
Dec 07, 2018

1) wipe the screen with dry cloth before turning on every day. 

2) droplets or drinks fall on the screen, causing the software to stop reacting, because the droplets and fingers have similar properties and the droplets need to be erased. 

3) the touch screen controller can automatically judge the dust, but too much dust will reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen, just wipe the screen clean with dry cloth. 

4) use glass cleaner to clean the dirty fingerprinting and oil stain on the touch screen. 

5) switch on and off the power strictly according to the rules, that is, the order of the power supply is: monitor, audio, mainframe. The power supply is turned off in the opposite order. 

6) A large number of temporary files are generated on the hard disk. If you frequently break points or shut down directly without exiting windows, the hard disk will quickly cause errors. Therefore, you need to regularly run scandisk scan hard disk error, the application is best to set a secret way to exit the application and windows power off, for example: four corners in the specified order click. 

7) A pure touch screen program does not require a mouse cursor, and the cursor only causes the user to lose focus. 

8) the simplest anti-mouse mode to be used by enough applications should be selected, and Siemens S7200 technology is supported because complex modes require sacrificing latency and system resources. 

9) In windows, users have access to other systems when they start slower applications. The solution is to modify the system.ini file: change shell=progman.exe (under windows3.x) or shell=explorer.exe (on windows95) directly to the. Exe file. But the application should be able to exit windows, directly or the system cannot exit. 

10) turn on the head regularly to clean the reflective stripes and inner surfaces of the touch screen, depending on the environment. The concrete method is: open the cover plate on both sides of the machine, can find the mechanism that loosens and fastens the front lock tongue of the nose, open the mechanism to loosen the lock tongue. Lift the front of the nose, you can see the touch screen control card, unplug the touch screen cable, back head can unload the nose and touch screen. After carefully looking at the method of fixing the touch screen, remove the touch screen cleaning, pay attention not to use hard paper or hard cloth, do not scratch the reflective stripes. Finally, the head is restored in reverse order and original structure.

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