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Industrial automation and IoT
Dec 15, 2018

This is a very rapid development of science and technology era, and in recent years, Internet of things, big data, artificial intelligence, block chain and other technologies are all brilliant, especially in the application of the Internet of things is the most abundant. In the process of economic and social development in China, the Internet of things can not only achieve the overall goal of energy saving and emission reduction, but also change and improve the production management mode of enterprises, and integrate the production and management process of products into the rapid development of the Internet. This is the inevitable choice to improve industrial automation. The use of the advanced technology of the Internet can greatly improve the efficiency and quality of production products, save manpower and material resources, is a win-win choice.


The state has always attached great importance to the development of the Internet of things. After China put forward the national development plans of "made in China 2025" and "Internet of Internet", the Internet of things has been developing rapidly. Now it has been widely used in the production process of various industries, and has played an increasingly important role in energy saving and emission reduction, improving production efficiency, safe production, automatic production and so on. Internet of things technology has a very broad application prospects, and has become a hot technology in the application field. 

First of all, in industrial applications, the Internet of things technology is a very systematic, very wide range of technology, its industrial applications are not limited to solving industrial network problems, It is not simply that the parts of the production process are organically connected together, but also that they can provide a comprehensive solution for the development of the enterprise, from the overall concept at the beginning to the practice of distributing the various parts. Then the parts are integrated together, and finally the high quality products are produced, and then the system continues to improve and optimize. This whole process can achieve no human participation, but can complete the task very well.

Secondly, the Internet of things has been widely used in power, chemical and other high-energy industries, which effectively play the role of energy saving and emission reduction, which is fully in line with the basic national policy of our country. Social development must move forward, and development should not be stalled because of some negative effects. For example, with the development of enterprises, the process of producing products may cause harm to the environment, but at this time, we should not choose to degenerate. Continue to develop in primitive ways, so that society will never progress, that is, not to choke. But what we mean here is not that we can destroy the environment in order to pursue the benefit of production, but that we can find new ways to reduce the harm to the environment under the condition of ensuring the development of production. In other words, under the circumstance of environmental protection, the Internet of things can help enterprises to achieve this goal. The Internet of things can monitor the energy consumption and environmental status in the production process through the sensor device, thus providing important data support for energy saving and emission reduction. And can ensure the production of environmental damage to the minimum, the Yang can kill two birds with one stone. 

Finally, for the automatic production of enterprises, the Internet of things can realize the information management of products, not only can improve the performance and function of the products, but also can realize the remote monitoring of the production of products, through the intelligent monitoring center, To realize the real-time monitoring of the production environment and inject new vitality into the development of enterprises. What we usually say about industrial automation mainly includes data collection and analysis, information transportation, sensors receiving data and sending out next instructions, etc. The Internet of things has the characteristics of overall perception, reliable transmission, intelligent processing, and so on. The two functions are intrinsically interlinked. The Internet of things places more emphasis on data collection and analysis as well as the application of intelligent technology in production links. This is not only a change in the traditional industrial automation mode of production, but also the introduction of advanced Internet thinking into the production process. Starting from the cycle development of ecological industrial chain, the various production links are organically combined by artificial intelligence, thus forming the intelligent industrialization model.

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