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Industrial IoT road is getting narrower?
Jan 19, 2019

As the Internet of Things gradually enters the stratosphere from the take-off stage, the practitioners of the Internet of Things industry are looking for their core values in the new round of competition, and how to form a benign win-win business model with upstream and downstream enterprises based on the core values. For the mainstream industry of Internet of Things, in fact, some leading enterprises began to ponder and explore this important issue early, and revise the form of cooperation through trial and error, so as to explore the cooperation mode and business mode suitable for the current situation of the industrial Internet of Things (especially in China).


On the whole, there are many participants in the field of industrial Internet of Things. Different types of enterprises have different abilities, advantages, and future values. The industrial chain of industrial Internet of Things is really long and complex. We might as well classify it according to the "origin gene":

For manufacturers of industrial hardware equipment, they can be divided into equipment manufacturers focusing on one or several industries, and underlying hardware manufacturers focusing on a common function. The former has a thorough understanding of its industry, clearly grasp the development trend of the industry, customer demand, market structure and so on. The latter, on the other hand, is familiar with the evolution trend of a general function or technology, such as how the technology integrates with the industry IOT scheme, which functions need to be upgraded iteratively, the level requirements, scale and magnitude of the technology requirements of various industries, and so on.

For industrial software enterprises, it can also be divided into focusing on the industry, or within a certain general function range, the former can have more advantages and competitiveness in the wave of industrial Internet of Things. Because it has a clear digitization process for one or several industries, and through tracking industry changes in the form of software over the years, it is easier to understand the actual needs and preferences of customers for digitization. The moat formed by the accumulation of a large number of dynamic industry actual data is an important cornerstone of the SaaS layer in the era of industrial Internet of Things.

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