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Intelligent manufacturing development route
Dec 20, 2018

Intelligent manufacturing is derived from the research of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence is the intelligence that is realized on a computer by a man-made method. With the improvement of the product's performance intelligent information base intelligent information base the complexity and the refinement of the structure and the diversification of the functions, the design information and the process information amount included in the product are greatly increased, and the information flow inside the production line and the production equipment is increased, The amount of information in the manufacturing process and the management work has also increased, thus promoting the hot spot and the leading edge of the manufacturing technology development, and turning to the capability, the efficiency and the scale of improving the manufacturing information processing of the manufacturing system for explosive growth. The advanced manufacturing equipment cannot operate without the input of the information, and the flexible manufacturing system (FMS) immediately stops working as soon as the information source is cut off. The expert is of the view that the manufacturing system is changing from the original energy-driven type to the information-driven type, which requires the manufacturing system not only to be flexible but also intelligent, otherwise it is difficult to handle such a large and complex amount of information workload. Secondly, the rapidly changing market demand and the complex environment of the fierce competition also require the manufacturing system to show higher flexibility, agility and intelligence. As a result, intelligent manufacturing is becoming more and more highly valued. in that world, while overall intelligent manufacture is still in the conceptual and experimental stage, all governments have included it in the national development plan and vigorously promote implementation. in 1992, the United state implemented a new technology policy and strongly supported the critical technology that was called by the president. include information technology and new manufacturing processes, and the smart manufacturing technology has since been in it, and the us government wants to transform the traditional industry and start the new industry by means of this. 

Canada's strategic plan for development, 1994-1998, is of the view that the future knowledge-intensive industry is the basis for driving the global economy and the economic development of Canada, and that the development and application of the intelligent system is critical and the specific research project is selected as an intelligent computer, a human-machine interface, a mechanical sensor, Robot control, new device, system integration in dynamic environment. 

In 1989, Japan proposed an intelligent manufacturing system, and in 1994 the advanced manufacturing of international cooperation research project was launched, including the company's integration and global manufacturing, manufacturing knowledge system, distributed intelligent system control, distributed intelligent system technology for rapid product realization, and so on. 

The European Union's information technology-related research has an ESPRIT project that strongly supports information technology with market potential. In 1994, a new R & D project was launched and 39 core technologies were selected, three of which (information technology, The location of the intelligent manufacturing is highlighted in molecular biology and advanced manufacturing techniques. 

At the end of the 1980s, the intelligent simulation was also included in the main subject of national science and technology development planning, and some achievements have been made in expert system, pattern recognition, robot and Chinese machine understanding. The Ministry of Science and Technology officially put forward the “industrial intelligent engineering”, as an important part of the innovation ability construction in the technical innovation plan, and the intelligent manufacturing will be the important content in the project. 

As a result, intelligent manufacturing is rising in the world, and it is the necessity of the development of manufacturing technology, especially the development of information technology. It is the result of the development of automation and integration technology to the depth of development. The intelligent equipment is facing the development needs of the traditional industry transformation and the strategic emerging industries, It mainly includes intelligent instrument and instrument, control system, key parts and general components, intelligent special equipment, etc. It can realize the automation, intelligence, lean and green of various manufacturing processes, and drive the improvement of the overall technical level of the equipment manufacturing industry. 

The former vice-president of China's mechanical science research institute, Qu Xianming, pointed out that the current domestic equipment manufacturing industry has weak independent innovation ability, the high-end manufacturing link is mainly controlled by foreign enterprises, the development of key parts is lagging, and the development of modern manufacturing service industry is slow and so on. The mark of the “from large to strong” of Chinese equipment manufacturing industry includes that the international market share is in the first place of the world, the international competitiveness of more than half of the industry is in the first three of the world, and it is the key industry that influences the supply and demand balance of the international market, It has a number of world-class equipment manufacturing bases with international competitiveness and market share in the world, original innovation breakthrough, a batch of original and original equipment and so on. The research center in this field has the independent third-party research center of national major technical equipment-China's major machinery equipment network. 

During the “12th Five-Year Plan” period, the financial support of the R & D of the intelligent equipment will continue to increase, and the development of the intelligent equipment industry will be clear. During the “12th Five-Year Plan”, the key work of the domestic intelligent equipment is to break through the key technologies such as the new type of sensor and the instrument and the like. To promote the development and upgrading of the key areas of the national economy.

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