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Internet of Vehicles
Dec 06, 2018

What's 'IoV'?

According to the definition of China Internet of things (Internet of Vehicles) is a huge interactive network composed of vehicle position speed and route information. Through GPS,RFID, sensors, camera image processing and other devices, vehicles can complete their own environment and state information collection, through the Internet technology, all vehicles can gather their own information to the central processing unit. Through computer technology, the information of these vehicles can be analyzed and processed, so as to calculate the best route of different vehicles, report the traffic condition and arrange the signal cycle in time.

The background of 'Internet of Vehicles'?

The concept of car networking is derived from the concept of Internet of things (Internet of Things), according to the industry background, the definition of car networking is also different. The traditional definition of vehicle networking is that the electronic tag loaded on the vehicle can extract and utilize effectively the attribute information and static and dynamic information of all vehicles on the platform of information network through radio frequency identification technology. And according to the different functional requirements of all vehicles to effectively monitor the state of operation and provide integrated services system. 

With the development of vehicle networking technology and industry, the above definition can no longer cover all aspects of vehicle networking. According to the definition of the technical innovation strategy alliance of the automobile networking industry, the vehicle networking is based on the car intranet, the vehicular network and the vehicle-mounted mobile Internet, according to the agreed communication protocol and the data exchange standard, in the car-X (X: vehicle, the road. A large system network for wireless communication and information exchange between pedestrians and the Internet is an integrated network capable of realizing intelligent traffic management, intelligent dynamic information service and intelligent vehicle control. It is a typical application of Internet of things technology in the field of transportation system. 

On August 27, 2013, the Technical Innovation Strategy Alliance of Automobile networking Industry was established in Beijing. The alliance consists of 30 companies, including 15 vehicle factories, and includes auto manufacturers, mobile operators, hardware equipment manufacturers, software service providers and related research institutes. The aim of the alliance is to promote the application of vehicle networking technology to improve the performance of vehicle safety and economy in addition to promoting Telematics vehicle-borne application services through the joint efforts of various related industries to tackle key problems and coordinate development.

With the rapid development of LoV, more and more embedded computer, panel pc and industrial monitors products will be integrated to all kinds of vehicles.

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