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Machine Vision
Jan 03, 2019

Machine Vision: accelerating Storage Automation and Intelligent Management


At present, the whole industry is exploring the application of machine vision technology in logistics picking. However, compared with the traditional logistics and manufacturing industry, the scenario of e-commerce logistics is more complex, the automation scheme needs to deal with a wide variety of SKU, the traditional technology solutions in the market can not be directly applied to e-commerce logistics scenarios. 

In 2018, with the help of the powerful ability of deep learning, the enhancement of computing performance of end computing equipment and the popularization of 3D sensor equipment, rookie fully verified the machine vision automation scheme based on e-commerce logistics scene. The robot arm picking and automatic dimension measurement are realized. 

In 2019, it can be predicted that machine vision technology will be more widely used in the field of e-commerce logistics, and will play a more important role in warehouse automation and intelligent management.

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