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Perception will be the next step
Jan 16, 2019

After pre-diagnosis and inspection of existing equipment, what will be the next important applications of edge operation in manufacturing system? Easy to use will be the next trend, and to make equipment easy to use, perception will be the necessary design concept of the system.

Compared with the current industrial Internet of Things, edge operation can only find out the system problems, perceptual operation can find the causes of the problems, and directly put forward the best solution. Intelligent design of manufacturing system must provide suitable functions for different users. The information needed by decision makers, managers and operators is quite different. When facing problems, equipment operators on the front line often encounter problems. Faced with enormous time pressure, the system does not need information other than the problem at this time. It only needs the system to directly inform the problem, and even to propose feasible solutions, such as equipment failure. The system will directly display on the screen or voice prompt, informing the operator to press a button first, so that the system can restore the security state first, and then prompt the cause of the emergency. This is the biggest advantage of perceptual computing. With the improvement of software and hardware technology in IT field and the gradual acceptance of intelligent concept in manufacturing industry, perceptual computing will become more and more application in manufacturing industry.

Observing the current situation of development, industry 4.0 has become a general trend in the manufacturing industry. Whether equipment suppliers or manufacturers, the action of introducing industrial Internet of Things has also turned positive, but the number of effective people is still a minority. McKinsey, a research institute, has conducted a survey of large manufacturing plants in Europe, the United States and Japan. According to the survey, among the enterprises that have built relevant systems, Only 40% thought that the process was effective or indeed improved. Although the result was not too tragic, it was still a long way from the original expectation.

As for Taiwan's market, due to the scattered distribution of manufacturing communities, it is still difficult for Industry 4.0 to be implemented in different industries. The reason is that there are considerable differences between different types of manufacturing industries, whether in terms of technical maturity, strategic principles or pain points. Therefore, the first step for manufacturing industry to introduce into the industrial Internet of Things is to first examine its position in order to find the most appropriate solution. 

Businessmen point out that the technological maturity of the process systems of different ethnic groups is different, and the functional requirements of the industrial Internet of Things are also very different. For example, production transmission may not even reach the first stage of networking equipment, let alone AI, but there are also industries that have been in-depth study of the deepening application of AI, machine learning and other technologies, so that equipment can be optimized independently.

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