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The different touch in a industrial touch panel pc?
Dec 07, 2018

As we all know, resistive touch and capactive touch are main two types touch in a industrial panel pc. But what's the main difference between a resitive touch panel pc and pcap touch panel pc?

The operating precision: 

Resistive touch is very sensitive in both theory and practice, and can meet various requirements. The accuracy of the capacitive touch screen can also reach the pixel level in theory, but it is limited by the contact area of the finger, and the accuracy of the level is more than one square centimeter. 

The cost difference:

The cost of capacitive touch is higher than that of resistive touch, which is one of the reasons why resistive touch is widely used in industrial tablets. But as technology advances, the cost gap is narrowing. 

Multi point touch support:

Resistor touch screen has been researched, but it is too expensive to be popularized. Capacitive touch screen has a complete solution and related software, rapid popularization. 


Resistors touch higher and wider temperature adaptations and have no humidity requirements. The capacitance touch temperature adaptability is lower, requiring at least 5% humidity. Compared with capacitive touch, resistive touch is more suitable for industrial field environment, which is one of the reasons why resistance screens are widely used in industrial tablets.

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