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The usage in IoT of an industrial touch panel pc?
Dec 07, 2018

IoT (Internet of things) is a new and hot concept in our life, but how about the usage of an industrial panel pc in the usage in IoT applications?

1, Industrial applications: product equipment management, energy management, industrial safety production management 

2, agricultural applications: greenhouse environmental information collection and control, water saving irrigation control and management, Environmental information and animal and plant information monitoring 

3, smart home applications: home intelligence, community intelligence and intelligent city integration into a true broad sense of intelligent control network 

4, Medical applications: integrated health care platform, electronic health file system 

5, urban security applications: real unified monitoring of urban security, unified storage and management 

6, The application of environmental monitoring field: mainly through the implementation of surface water quality automatic monitoring, the implementation of continuous monitoring and remote monitoring of water quality 

7, intelligent transportation applications: public transport industry wireless video monitoring platform, intelligent bus station, Electronic ticketing, car management experts and bus cell phone "card" 

8, logistics applications: supply chain network optimization, supply chain visibility 

9, smart campus applications: electronic wallet, identification and bank ring deposit

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