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What is a attractive feature of an industrial touch screen?
Dec 10, 2018

The so-called all in one touch screen machine is naturally a factory or industrial control facility to operate factory equipment or bring convenience to people. In the past, there was no industrial control touch screen integrated machine, but in this era of technology development with each passing day, industrial control integrated machine can be said to replace manual operation and faster and higher quality equipment.

  1. Provide convenience for life: industrial touch screen panel is a collection of advanced touch screen, industrial control, computer and other technologies in one, can achieve public information query, with fingerprint instrument, scanner, card reader, micro printer and other peripherals, Fingerprint attendance, credit card, printing and other specific requirements can be realized. The touch screen has four, five lines resistor screen, surface acoustic wave screen, red outside screen, holographic nanometer touch screen and other excellent touch screens at home and abroad, can meet the needs of users in different regions and places. Touch-in-one is a touch product that binds touch-control screens and related software to an outer package for query purposes. Touch-in-one machine really achieves the function of combining touch and control, which greatly improves the working efficiency of people.

  2. The input is convenient and fast: as an input device, the touch screen has many advantages, such as rugged and durable, fast reaction speed, saving space, easy communication and so on. Users can quickly get the information they want by gently touching the machine screen with their fingers, thus making the human-computer interaction more straightforward. As a kind of high-tech machine, touch integrated machine has gradually replaced the status of simple touch screen, so that users can really feel the characteristics of human-computer free interaction.

  3. Using a high-performance resistive touch screen with more than a million clicks, without the use of a mouse or keyboard, can do everything with a light finger click or stroke across the screen. Make computers easier to use. The biggest innovation of Touch is that it uses multi-touch technology, completely changing the traditional way of interaction between people and computers, making people use more intimate and comfortable.

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