TAICENN Touch Panel IPC for MES (Manufacturing execution System) application

Project Name:

Industrial Panel PC for MES (Manufacturing execution System) applications


Project Introduction and request:

This project is for MES manufacturing management control system. MES manufacturing management control system utilize industrial Ethernet, ProfiBus, embedded panel IPC, RFID, Barcode recognition technologies, to fulfill the data acquisition and control of all processing equipment. Data published and communicated by the embedded panel IPC, which is installed in each working station, for all production process control and management. Then the company can real-time monitor and requirement trace of the manufacturing execution process.

Project consult and discussion:

After several rounds negotiation and discussion with our clients, TAICENN decided to ODM design a new solution to this project. The machine must be simply mounted in different environment, based in SAP system and network; Panel IPC must have a good box construction, Fan-less designed, water-proof and dust-proof, good shock & vibration performance; Machine needs rich interfaces, to fulfill real-time monitoring; Data communicates well and reliably.

Customized solution Specs:

1- 15” TFT LCD, Resolution: 1024 x 768

2- LED with 50 000 hours, Brightness: 400 cd/sqm

3- 10 points Projective Capacitive touch screen, long durability and good stability

4- Intel Bay Trail J1900 quad-core processor, 2.0 Ghz, 4GB DDR3 Memory, 32GB MLC SSD

5- Expansion with internal speaker, Wi-Fi or 3G/4G

6- Fan-less designed and VESA mounting; Front Panel IP65 rating protection;

 TAICENN Mode: TPC-C315-159

Customer application machines for reference.

TAICENN Special designed product:

See attached TAICENN ODM Customized Product Introduction.

TAICENN ODM Customized product_ MES

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