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Industrial Panel IPC For Rail Ultrasonic Inspection Applications
Mar 19, 2017

Project Introduction and request:

This project is for Railway & High-speed Rail Ultrasonic Inspection Applications. It is used to monitor the railway crossing status, to assure the safety and security of trains. Together with the technology of IOT (Internet of Things) and Cloud server system, it can fulfill remote monitor, remote acquisition, and remote notification, improve the efficiency of Railway crossing monitoring management.

Project consult and discussion:

After several round negotiation and discussion with our clients, TAICENN decided to ODM design a new solution to this project. Due to the requests on the out-door application environment, so the machine need to be used in wide-temp. situation. Besides, the machine must be full-sealed with aviation connector, to prevent any water, dust, humidity…etc. Also, the brightness should be adjustable, because the machine will be used under strong light in the daytime. So, the device LCD screen must be special designed. Until now, the client receives the sample, and the feedback is very nice. And we looking for a perfect performance in client’s qualification.

Customized solution Specs:

1- 19” TFT WXGA LCD, Resolution: 1440 x 900

2- Brightness up to 1000 cd/sqm, supports brightness adjustable

3- High-temp. five-wire resistive touch screen, long durability and good stability

4- High-performance Intel I5 (Skylake i5-6200U) processor, 4GB DDR3L Memory, 256GB MLC SSD

5- Interface terminal utilize alloy metal water-proof aviation connector, unique hook lock design;

6- Fan-less and full-sealed design; IP65 rating protection;

7- Special 4U grip in the front panel design.

Customer application machines:


Special aviation-connector design:


TAICENN Mode: TPC-R190H-199



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