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TAICENN Release New Open Frame Capacitive Touch Industrial Monitor
Nov 16, 2017

TAICENN release new open frame capacitive touch industrial monitor

To all valuable customers and partner:

TAICENN recently released a series of P-cap. Touch Panel open frame Industrial Monitor, supporting full-size 10.4-inch~ 24-inch dimension. This model TM-OCXXX open frame mounting industrial display adopts 10-points projective capacitive touch panel, with VGA & DVI signal input. Its flexible open-frame panel, full-sealed box construction, p-cap. Touch and high-level visual effect makes it to be very suitable for industrial vending machine system, ATM and POS application.

TM-OCXXX features:

● 10.4” to 24” inch TFT LCD, LED Backlit, save energy, more environmental friendly;

● Operating temp. 0~+60C;

● Multi-points projective capacitive touch (10 points);

● Supports DVI/VGA signal input

● Supports COM and USB communication interface

● Magnesium-aluminum panels and Anodic treatment

● Open-frame mounting, supports VESA mounting

● 12V DC input (Optional DC 24V)

Targeted application: All Industrial Vending machine system, ATM and POS systems.




TAICENN, is a leading global solution provider of Embedded Box IPC, Touch panel IPC and industrial monitor, which are designed specifically for systems and applications that require excellent performance, high-level reliability and stability, long supply period and supports.

Thank you for your support and cooperation!

For product: sales@taicenn.com

For technical: support@taicenn.com

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