Featured Products

TAICENN TBOX series model is rugged and compact designed, high-performance fan-less Embedded Box PC products. It has a variety of communication interfaces and hardware designs, which can easily meet customers' applications requests. All TBOX series can be used in industrial applications, as its operating temp. is -20 ~+70C range.

TAICENN TBOX BOX PC also support optional -40℃ ~ +70℃ wide temp. range, for some rugged and military applications.

Attention: In TBOX series, XX means different CPU options. For example: TBOX-3620 (Skylake i5-6200U)

TAICENN provides full series 10.4'' to 24'' inches, newest CPU solution Industrial (Touch) Panel PC products and solutions. And we also provide a professional ODM/OEM solution due to customers' real applications by our experienced and innovative engineer team staff.

Attention: In TAICENN TPC series, XXX means different size options. For example: TPC-PC170S (17.0-inch)

TAICENN provides all kinds of industrial monitor products for industrial and embedded different applications. The TM series can be adapted with Resistive, Infrared and Capacitive touch screen; Open frame, panel mounting, and VESA mounting methods. All our products can be customized with a variety of communication interfaces due to customers' real demands.

Attention: In TAICENN TM series, XXX means different size options. For example: TM-PC156 (15.6-inch)