TBOX-1XX0 series

TBOX-1XX0 Series

Rugged Intel Processors fan-less Industrial Box PC

  • Ultra-compact sealed aluminum box and large fin heat sink;
  • Optionals Intel Baytrial, Apollo lake, Broadwell, Skylake Processors;
  • Supports mSATA SSD/HDD, memory up to DDR3L 8GB;
  • 2 Intel 10/100/1000Mbps network interface;
  • No Com, 4* USB 3.0 interface;
  • DV 12V power input, over-current, over-voltage and reverse polarity protection;
  • I/O: 1*HDMI/ 2*GLAN/4*USB/AUDIO;
  • Operating temp. -20~+60C range;
  • Optional wide temp. range -40℃ ~ +60℃
  • Dimension: 168.4 x 106.2 x 45 (mm)

Brief Introduction

TAICENN TBOX-1XX0 is Ultra-compact high-performance fan-less industrial Box IPC model, it can adapt Intel Baytrail, Apollo lake, Broadwell, Skylake processors, having advanced computer performance and low power consumption. TBOX-1XX0 storage can support 1 *mSATA SATA SSD or HDD; The TBOX-1XX0 BOX PC design provide several options for communication interface, with 2* GLAN ports, 4* USB port; The power input has over-current, over-voltage and reverse-polarity protection.

TAICENN TBOX-1XX0 uses full-sealed box construction, and it can prevent dust from entering the device system. Large aluminum fin heat sink can distribute the heat effectively and quickly, ensures the longer reliability and life-span of the system. TAICENN TBOX-1XX0 operating temp. is -20℃~+60℃,  can be suitable for longer-time operating and harsh environment industrial application projects.TAICENN TBOX-1XX0 supports mainstream operating system, and it is also compatible with application software based on those operating systems.

TAICENN TBOX-1XX0 is using ultra-compact design, is very suitable for limited-space applications and projects, which don’t request many communication interfaces.

TAICENN TBOX-1XX0 also support optional temp. -40℃ ~ +60℃ range, and also suitable for some rugged applications.