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Fan-less BOX-PC using in automatic ticket machine

Application Introduction:

Automatic ticket system is widely used in multi-channels control places, such as tourist area, bus/subway/high-speed rail station, airport, ferry station, exhibition hall. It is composed of computer network technology, information technology, database technology, automatic control technology...etc. It can overcome many manual ticket mode problems, including slow-speed, much financing loophole, high error ratio, big working strength, and provides the accurate people flow data and financial statement. It provides technology support for scientific management. At the moment, more and more Automatic ticket systems are used in all kinds of industries.

System requests in the application:

This application is normally worked in outdoor high-temp, or high humidity environment. So, the system is always requested to work in wide-temp. and wide-humidity environment. Besides, in some certain time, for example, public holiday, days of commemoration, weekend holiday...etc. The working strength is extra big, and it requests the best reliability and stability in long-term use.

Then the requested industrial BOX PC should have below features:

1- Should adapt low-power consumption and DC power; effectively control the internal temperature and keep the temperature the same as the ambient temperature; Ensure to work well under high-temp. and high humidity environment; Work well in large temperature difference situation and avoid the short-circuit because of the water drop, which come from this temperature difference.

2- Lots of industrial communication interfaces: 6x USB 2.0, 6x RS232 and 2x Intel I211A network interface, ensure the system a good communication and network capability;

3- Adopt solid-state drive storage, improve the shock& vibration and wide-temp. working capacity;

4- Wall-mounted and compact size, for simply installation of the auto-gate equipment and save the space;

5- Customized with Windows Embedded XP OS, to avoid the power-loss, misoperation, virus-infection damage, increase the system reliability and stability, decrease the on-site maintain works.

Application Consult and discussion:

After several round consult and discussion, this automatic ticket system main computer is chosen with TAICENN BOX PC TBOX-2310. The product deploys with compact, rugged and full-sealed aluminum box construct, using Intel Baytrail J1900 CPU and DDR3 4G memory. The processing performance can fulfill automatic ticket system running; It adapt 6x RS232 interface for communication with non-contact IC reader, ticket automatic swallow devices, center control, warning devices; RJ45 ports for network with interchanger and system terminal; VGA port for driving 6.5 inch TFT display; 32GB SSD for storage.


  1. Compact, rugged and sealed aluminum box, beautiful and small size, wall-mounted;
  2. Large aluminum fin heat sink, easy and quick for heat conduction;
  3. Intel Baytrail J1900 extra low power processor, DDR 4GB memory;
  4. I/O: 1* VGA/ 2*GLAN/ 6* USB/ 6* RS232;