Industrial Panel PC using in environmental protection industry

Application Introduction

Entering 21th century, the global environment protection industry is developing very rapidly, and has been a significant force to support industry economic development. What's more, this industry has been a key goal for national innovation and industrial restructuring in lots of countries. In 12th Five-year-plan period, the environment protection work task of our country is arduous. Every year in the United Nations Climate Changing conference, people discuss and negotiate how to protect our own planet, to reduce the speed of the earth temperature rise. Together, we Chinese people have put our time and efforts in energy conservation and emission reduction, environment protection career.

So, the most important segment is to real-time monitor and control the environment status, transit the data into control center, so as to manage and control the circumstance well.

Application requests

This monitor and control application is not complicated, but need a reliable and stable communication and monitoring capability. Accurately catch early warning signal and report in time via varieties of communication interface; Data storage and statement query and call; Working process monitoring and control; System analysis and judgement; High reliability and stability, avoid the data missing and affecting the result.

The requested industrial touch panel PC should fulfill the below features:

1- Slim and ultra-light design: the finished PC height is only 81mm, weight is only 7.5KG;

2- Good wide-temp. capability: operating temp. 0~+70C, storage temp. -20~+70C;

3- Super stability and low failure ratio: perfect mainboard, high-quality manufacturing, large aluminum fin heat sink;

4- Good cost performance, excellent appearance design.

Application consult and discussion

After several round visit and discussion, TAICENN Model TPC-R190W-138 is chosen by customers. It is specially designed for Human Machine interface touch panel PC solution. It deploys with Intel core2 dual-core processor, 2GB DDR memory; 9~30V wide voltage DC power input; with lots of I/O Interface, 6x RS232, 2x 10~1000Mbps network interface, 4x USB 2.0; Convenient for connecting all kinds of I/O devices.

TAICENN Model TPC-R190W-138 Specs:

1- 19 inch TFT LCD, resolution 1280 x 1024, five-wire resistive touch screen;

2- Intel Core duo 2.0Ghz processor, DDR2 2GB memory, max. up to support 3GB memory;

3- Aluminum panels and galvanized steel structure, front panel IP65 waterproof;

4- DC 6~30V wide voltage power input, with overcurrent, overvoltage and reverse polarity protection measures;

5- I/O: 1x DVA/ 2x LAN/ 5x USB/ 6x RS232/ 1xLPT/ AUDIO/ 2x PCI