TAICENN industrial PC and solutions

TAICENN industrial PC and solutions

The tendency of industry 4.0 is to lead digitization and intelligent of information (supply, manufacturing, sales), and reach rapidly, effectively and personalized product supply at last.

With the development of modem manufacturing industry, more and more enterprises are importing automatic production line, and this advantage is obvious and outstanding now. The automatic production line can not only improve production efficiency, reduce production period, improve product quality, but also improve enterprise economic benefits. At the present, staff cost is getting higher and higher. It’s urgent task for an enterprise to fulfill unmanned automatic production. It directly influences the development and future of the enterprise.     


TAICENN is a real turn-key solution provider and manufacturer of embedded box IPC, touch panel IPC and industrial monitors applications, to provide comprehensive software & hardware, system integration solution, and professional design and manufacture services. Cooperate with our core industry partner, TAICENN Technology focus on developing and innovation high quality, high performance computing machines, to meet all kinds of industrial applications. By providing reliable & stable products and services, TAICENN Technology hope to drive and promote the development of industry 4.0, to make infinite application and innovation possible.

TAICENN products line mainly contain embedded box IPC, Touch panel IPC and industrial monitor products. The core advantage of TAICENN Technology is our R&D and engineering ability, we have standards products in our family, however, we provide ODM and customize products for most applications and projects. In our mind, each application requires different features and ports; We can provide a best solution to each different application, to fulfill benefit and true value of application and our customers. Also, TAICENN engineer team has a quick response time, and strong background. Then providing a rapid and perfect ODM and customize product to applications has been a unique feature of TAICENN Technology. We always believe, good reputation comes from every simple project, and we can collect a sound reputation from every customer.

TAICENN Technology only positioning on embedded Box IPC, touch panel IPC and industrial monitor applications, we are focused and hard-working manufacturer in industrial and embedded fields.

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