TAICENN ODM Touch Panel PC used in Hotel Service Robot Application

Project Name: Industrial P-Cap. Touch Panel PC for Hotel Service Robot applications

Customer ID:  C156 (China)


Project Introduction and request:

A latest report from IFR (International Federation of Robotics) shows, the market capitalization of service robot is developing with 20~30% ratio. In 2017, china will be the biggest global service robot market. From a forecast from ‘markets and markets’, the global market capitalization of service robot will be up to 46.18 billion US dollars. And the service robot can be a greatest and most promising growth point in Robot field.

Actually, the robot commercial is already widely used in hotel industry. The hotel service robot is more and more popular these days.

Whenever customer call the reception desk in the hotel, all the goods will be delivered by a Smart robot. In the procedure, the robot will take elevator, obstacle avoidance, search customer’s room, call customers, return reception desk by himself. Customer’s security and confidentiality will be totally protected, which is very important for modern hotel.

Basically, the service robot need a HMI platform, which requests an industrial-level touch panel PC, which provide human-machine interface to communicate, with Wireless and smart hardware technology, to provide an excellent service. And the reliability and stability must be very important to the machine, if not, the customer will complain the hotel service ability, damage to the hotel reputation.


Project consult and discussion:

After several round negotiation and on-site discussion with our clients, TAICENN decided to ODM design a new solution to this request. The machine support open-frame mounting; the touch panel utilizes a great Multi-points projective capacitive touch; Panel IPC must have a good box construction, Fan-less designed, water-proof and dust-proof, good shock & vibration performance; good wireless connection request and network function; provides some special I/O ports for Smart abilities.

Customized solution Specs:

1- 8’’ TFT LCD, Resolution 800 x 600, Multi-points (10 points) projective capacitive touch;

2- Compact, rugged box structure, open-frame mounting method;

3- On-board Rockchip RK3288 processor, quad-core 1.8GHz;

4-2GB DDR RAM, 8GB eMMC, support TF expansion, up to 32GB;

5- I/O: DC_in, UBOOT, IR, HP_MIC, RJ45, USB 2.0, OTG, TF& Slim slot

6- DC 12V power input, 60w power supply, including cables.

7- Integrated Wi-Fi/ Bluetooth module

8- DC 12V power input

TAICENN Mode: TPC-C508R-156

Customer’s Hotel Service Robot

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