TAICENN touch monitor and panel pc used in Vending Machine (VEM)

Vending machine is a type of machine which can delivery merchandise immediately after buyer’s payment. It’s one common automatic machine in commerce automation, and has no limit on time, place and person. It’s a new retail business model, and is called as ‘24 hours micro market’. At the moment, more and more merchandises are sold by VEM. TAICENN Technology has concentrated on VEM field for many years, and we are innovating our new technology to our customers.


The core technology of a VEM is an Industrial IPC host + industrial Monitor. Meanwhile, the machine will be placed in outdoor situation, so it requests some special features, such as water-proof, dust-proof, and good sunlight readability. The long-term reliability and MBTF is also a big issue, it simply refers to a series of maintain expense in customer’s sites. TAICENN Technology always support our customers with simpler and more secure core value. Dedicate to reduce customer’s maintain expense is very important for TAICENN.


To a vending machine, there are two types solutions. One is integrated type, it means PC host and touch monitor are integrated together, it’s a kind of industrial touch panel PC; The other is separated type, it means PC and touch monitor are separated, it can be composed of Embedded Box PC and industrial touch monitor. At the moment, the platform of PC host is X86 platform (Windows OS) or ARM platform (Android OS).


Main features

  • Size: Mainstream 10.4’’, 12.1’’, 15’’, 19’’, 21.5’’, 32’’;
  • Touch methods: Infrared and Capacitive. (Capacitive touch will be a tendency in future);
  • Environmental: Used in outdoor, and request water-proof, dust-proof, good sunlight readability, high stability and reliability in using;
  • Mainly open-frame mounting;
  • Complete machine MTBF: Better than 50 000 hours.


TAICENN Technology supplies both types solutions to our clients. We have supported VEM projects, such as book vending machine in college libraries or city libraries; drink vending machine in outdoor playground (Basketball court, badminton court…etc.


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