Why and how a fanless Box PC?

 In recent years, More and more industrial Box PC have infiltrated into factories, production lines, Machinery equipment, hospitals, automatic scene, and lots of place where we didn’t sense. They silently execute their missions when failure is not an option, to fulfill application goal. They work well and reliably in extreme industrial site conditions.

Here’s a simple summary of why and how a fan-less Box PC.

Why a Fanless Box PCs?

  1. Computers with fans are possible to failure from dust and other airborne particulate contamination. When dust enters into a PC, it coats internal components and affects cooling system. If the dust is conductive, this can cause an outright failure upon contact. A Fanless PC are protected from dust contamination. So fanless Box PC means industrial &reliable.
  2. The most common points of failure in computers are the moving mechanical parts, usually including fans and hard drives. Moving parts will degrade and fail over time through normal use, and this will be accelerated when any mechanical shock and vibration happens. A Fanless PC has enhanced protection from mechanical failures, as they do not include a fan. If it equipped with a solid-state drive, the fanless box PC will be an ideal solution for applications where mechanical shock and vibration may be a factor. Besides, Lots of applications and situation will request quiet operation. This is very typical in laboratory environments and medical applications. A Fanless box PC has no moving parts and are completely silent. So, fanless Box PC means rugged & silent.
  3. Lots of industrial computing applications & projects will require the computer operated in extreme temperatures. Then it requests a strong hardware design ability in mainboards and Box cooling system, component selection during hardware design is also the most important. Lots of industrial applications will require a water-proof feature. This is typical in kitchen, foodstuff, and outdoor applications. Then a Box PC with unique IP66, stainless steel materials will be mandatory. So, fanless Box PC means enclosed and reliable.

How Fanless Box PCs are Used

  • Many industrial applications do not require a monitor or touchscreen user interface. For example, computers in control machinery, unattended computers and data processing computers. Fanless box PCs are an ideal solution for applications that require reliability and long-life cycle support.
  • Many applications which will be deployed in a remote location or long distance probably is not temperature controlled, such as oil & gas pipe, utility stations, or outdoor machinery. Fanless box PCs includes some unique hardware design and Box cooling system, it can accommodate wide operating temperatures, making them to be a perfect solution for high temperature or outdoor environments.
  • Fanless Box PCs can be the best choice for machinery, railway computing, in-vehicle computing applications. In these applications, Fanless Box PCs can be subject to vibration and shock.
  • Some industrial applications require a touch monitor separately from a PC. When multiple monitors must be connected, an individual fanless Box PC should be the most cost effective solution. Besides, this configuration can request less space and locations, which is very typically in some special applications and projects. What’s more, this configuration can request a quicker & simpler maintains and cost. If one monitor is failure, it can be replaced immediately, with minimal damage to the current productivity and system.

At the moments, fanless Box PC has been developed and designed with varieties of functions, specification and rich I/O configuration, to meet the demands of industrial computing application requirements.

Why TBOX fanless Box PC?

TAICENN TBOX fanless PCs products are all designed for industrial, embedded & automation applications.All TBOX models are fanless designed, industrial operating temperature -20 ~ +70C range. Also, they are optional with -40 ~ +70C operating temperature range. TBOX solutions and products are widely qualified by our customers and varieties of projects.

We can foresee, TAICENN Technology will collaborate with more and more system integrators, to design more models according to specific applications.

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